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The ABC Bullion Gold Saver Account  

ABC Bullion's Gold Saver account is the perfect solution for those looking to build up a savings account in physical precious metals (both gold and silver). Individuals can set up a reoccurring payment from their credit card, which ABC Bullion will convert into either gold or silver upon receipt. Your savings are then linked to the price of gold and silver, allowing them to grow over time.

The ABC Bullion Gold Saver account is also a perfect solution for parents and grandparents looking to create a valuable long-term savings account for their children or grandchildren. All the gold and silver bought through the ABC Bullion product range is refined at the ABC Refinery, Australasia’s only independent London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) accredited gold refinery.



Low Interest Rates

Whenever interest rates are low, investors are encouraged to withdraw money from the bank, and invest it into assets like gold and silver, which benefit from the increased purchasing.


Central Bank Demand

Central banks hold tens of thousands of tonnes of physical gold. They are buying hundreds of tonnes of gold every year, which will facilitate increasing prices in the coming years.


Strong Long-term Returns

Gold prices have risen more than any other mainstream market in the past decade. And with prices rising in HKD by over 18% over the last 15 years, an increasing number of investors are investing money into gold and silver.


Cultural Demand

The world’s most populous nations already buy over 2,000 tonnes of gold every year, particularly in Chinese and Indian cultures, and this number is set to rise between now and the end of the decade.


Limited Supply

Unlike the dollars you save in an everyday bank account, the supply of both gold and silver is limited. This helps precious metals hold their value over the long term. 


The Insurance Effect

Whenever there is increasing uncertainty about the economy, or extra volatility in financial markets, investors tend to flock to physical gold and silver. This is because physical precious metals have always been considered wealth “insurance”.