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Activate Gold Saver

The ABC Bullion Gold Saver is the perfect choice to build up your savings by purchasing physical gold and silver.

A first in the physical bullion accumulation plan, the ABC Bullion Gold Saver repositions physical gold and silver as regular savings assets, alongside a traditional bank account.

The ABC Bullion Gold Saver is like a savings bank account where you deposit monies each week, fortnight or month an amount that is transformed on each deposit into physical gold or silver, or both – you can choose.

The amount you wish to save can be changed at any time, should you wish to increase or decrease depending on your upcoming commitments.

Activate Gold Saver in 5 Steps



1. Go to abcbullion.com.hk and either create a new account or login to your existing account

2. Go to “My Account” area and click the Gold Saver tab

3. Click the “Activate Gold Saver” button and enter the following details:

  • How frequently you wish to save in gold or silver (weekly, fortnightly, monthly)
  • The dollar amount you wish to contribute in each instalment
  • The breakdown between gold and silver that you would like to save.
Once you’ve entered these details, click on Activate Gold Saver button.

4. Enter your credit card details, supported by our chosen payment gateway, Stripe.

5. Complete any verification steps (as required)