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3 Special Coin Collection Series from ABC Bullion HK: The Canada, South Africa & Australia Series

01 May 2019

Did you know ABC Bullion HK has a collection of countries inspired coins? These pure gold, silver and platinum coins are minted with designs of cultural and historical significance of different countries, such as Canada, South Africa, and Australia. For now, let us dive into the history together and find out how the coins are related to the countries mentioned!

Canada – Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

The maple leaf has always been an emblem of Canada before and after European settlers landed in the country. As early as 1700, the indigenous peoples of Canada discovered the extremely high nutritional value of the maple sap which they gathered every spring, and it became a vital part of their, as well as later, the settlers’ lives and cultures. In 1965, a new national flag which featured a red maple leaf in the middle was proclaimed. From then on, the maple leaf has officially been the emblem of Canada which symbolizes unity, tolerance, and peace, and its detachment from the identity of being a British colony. The maple leaf can be found on all Canadian coins from 1876 to 1901, and it was featured on every penny until the coin ceased to circulate in 2012, marking its prominence in Canada in all aspects. 
At ABC Bullion HK, customers can choose to buy the Canadian Maple coin in gold, platinum, or sliver, at 99.9% purity. The coin features the classic Canadian maple leaf on one side, and Queen Elizabeth II on the other, both represent the essence of Canadian culture and history. More importantly, its quality and potential for numismatic appreciation makes it an excellent option for investment.
View the Canadian Maple leaf coin here.

South Africa – The Krugerrand Silver Coin

The first Krugerrand coin was minted in 1967. The name Krugerrand is a combination of the last name of Paul Kruger, who was the president of South Africa Republic from 1833 to 1900, and Rand, the official currency of South Africa. The Krugerrand was created as a hedge against the continuous devaluing of the rand and to act as a vehicle to own gold privately. The coin itself was initially illegal in many Western countries due to its association with the apartheid in South Africa. By the late 70s and 80s, the Krugerrand consisted up to 90% the international market, which was impressive considering it being prohibited imports in many countries until 1991. Today, not only is the Krugerrand coin a profitable investment, it is also a great addition to any coin collection for its significant role in South Africa’s political and economic progression.
The original idea of the Krugerrand coin was to make itself a bullion product that appealed to both collectors and investors, which aligns with ABC Bullion HK’s vision for our bullion products. The 1oz Silver Bullion Krugerrand Coin available at ABC Bullion is manufactured in silver with a purity of over 99.9%. The coin features Paul Kruger’s face on one side and a springbok, an animal native to Africa and a representation of South Africa, on the other side.
Learn more about the Krugerrand silver coin here.

Australia – Eureka Minted Coin

The Eureka Rebellion took place on December 3, 1854, in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. The rebellion mounted by local miners, was triggered by the prolonged oppression of the government. Miners fought against expensive mining license fee, police brutality, and the lack of voting rights and representation for themselves in the legislative council. The Ballarat Reform League was formed by the miners to petition the lieutenant governor to address their long-standing grievance towards the colonial forces. The Ballarat Reform League and the colonial force exchanged fire on December 3, 1854, after the colonial force surrounded the reform league, resulting in deaths on both sides. The captured rebels received immense public support and were released after amnesty was declared. The Eureka Rebellion led to the introduction of the Electoral Act 1856, marking its historical and political significance in Australia’s journey to democracy.
Inspired by The Eureka Rebellion, the ABC Bullion HK Eureka minted coin portrays the definitive event in Australian gold mining history, it depicts a miner holding up a newly discovered gold nugget with pride, under the blazing Australian sun. This coin not only represents the significance of the event to the Australian gold mining industry, it also carries a promise ABC Bullion HK makes to every customer – providing products that are sourced responsibly with respect to international human rights. This coin is available in 1/2oz gold, 1oz gold, and 1oz silver, guaranteed to be produced in Australia using the latest in international minting technologies and certified by the NATA, LBMA and SGE  accredited ABC Refinery.
View the Eureka minted coin here.