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Physical silver is a popular choice for precious metal investors over the past few years. Produced in greater quantities than gold, it has many properties that mark silver as a unique industrial metal as well a traditional form of currency and medium of exchange.

Silver attracts investor interest as it is cheaper than gold, is therefore an easy market to access, and usually has a slightly higher volatility.

Like gold, silver also has a long history as money and a store of value, with many countries originally using silver coins as the basis of their currency.

Today, physical silver is typically bought in coin or bar form, with the international standard set at 999.0+, meaning that the products are 99.9% or more pure silver.

Please note all bar, tablet and coin measurements listed are a guide only, slight variations may occur. All specified weights are exact. Except in the instance of the ABC 400oz. Cast bar weight, variations are accounted for in the individual pricing of each bar.